About the Journal
  • Petroleum Geology & Experiment, started in 1963, is sponsored by SINOPEC Petroleum Exploration and Production Research Institute and Petroleum Geology Professional Committee of Geological Society of China. It is a bimonthly academic and technical journal which mainly concerns the survey, exploration and production of petroleum resources in China. Combined with the development strategy of petroleum industry, the journal focuses on the hot and difficult issues of petroleum exploration, and also covers the latest techniques and methods for petroleum experiments in China and worldwide. The columns in the journal include: Basin & Reservoir, Petroleum Geochemistry, Techniques & Methods, etc.

    According to 'Chinese S&T Journal Citation Reports 2018' published by Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China, the impact factor of Petroleum Geology & Experiment is 2.177 in 2018, and ranks the 3rd in all Chinese petroleum core journals. 

    As a journal in Chinese, Petroleum Geology & Experiment has detailed abstracts as well as chart titles and references in English. All the published papers have been registered in DOI. With a strict paper review system, the papers have been peer reviewed before publication. The editorial committee is composed of many well-known experts in China and abroad, including 6 academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences and 4 foreign experts. 

    Petroleum Geology & Experiment has its own website ( Data are updated timely and open access.

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