Peer Review System
  • Peer Review Rules

    Peer review is an important part of publishing articles in an academic journal. Review of the papers by peer experts enables the Editorial Board to decide whether to adopt the article, so as to ensure the academic quality of the journal. The Editorial Board of PETROLEUM GEOLOGY & EXPERIMENT implements a three-stage review system, i.e. initial review by the editor, review by peer experts, and final review by the editor-in-chief (editorial committee). Before the article is submitted for review, relevant information such as the author's name, employer, fund sponsorship will be deleted, so that all review procedures are covered by double blind review which is detailed as follows:
    1.Initial review by editor
    The article will be initially reviewed with respect to the topic selection and academic level. Articles that meet the requirements of this journal will be subject to expert review process and those fail will be rejected.
    2.Peer review
    The paper will be initially reviewed with respect to the content details like originality, academic level and preciseness by 1-2 peer experts who will then comment the article for the author's reference.
    3.Final review by the editor-in-chief (editorial committee)
    The editor-in-chief decides to adopt the article or reject it for revision and re-review based on peer review opinions. Controversial articles will be submitted to the editorial committee for discussion and a final review conclusion based on the specific review opinions.

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