Author's Commitment and Copyright Transfer Agreement
  • Author's Commitments & Copyright Transfer Agreement

    I/We (collectively, the 'Author'), am/are aware of and accept the contribution rules of the PETROLEUM GEOLOGY & EXPERIMENT, and hereby make commitments as follows:

    1. I/We sign the Author's Commitments of the PETROLEUM GEOLOGY & EXPERIMENT out of own free will.

    2. The Author has complete and exclusive copyright in his/her contribution [Insert the title of article] ('the Article') to the Editorial Board (the 'Editorial Board') of the PETROLEUM GEOLOGY & EXPERIMENT and the Article is free from anything that violates laws, disciplines or academic ethics.

    3. This Article is the Author' original scientific research achievement which is free from plagiarism, infringement of intellectual property rights or other misconducts. The Author warrants that he/she will carefully check the quotations, notes and all other materials used in the Article according to the academic research norms and relevant regulations of the Editorial Board to ensure accuracy. For quotations of other's discussions, data, results, etc., relevant references have been listed.

    4. All the authors of the Article are regarded as the creators of the Article who are responsible for the correctness, authenticity and reliability of the contents of the contribution. Once the Commitments is signed, the signatures, the order of signatures and the author's employers shall not be changed.

    5. Neither the Author's employer requires confidentiality nor the publication of the topic of the Article is subject to confidentiality. Where confidentiality is required, the Article shall be reviewed by the employer which agrees with its publication by sealing on it.   

    6. This Article has neither been submitted to two or more journals nor has been partially altered and submitted to other newspapers or books, and it is warranted that the main viewpoints and contents of this Article have not been published in other public publications (including periodicals, newspapers, etc.) before its publication in the PETROLEUM GEOLOGY & EXPERIMENT. Once submitted to the Editorial Board, it may not be submitted to other publications before receiving the rejection notice.

    7. If the Article is published in PETROLEUM GEOLOGY & EXPERIMENT, the Author agrees with the automatic transfer of the copyright of this Article to the Editorial Board, including the rights of electronic publishing, multimedia publishing, online publishing, publishing of English edition and other forms of publishing, and agrees to be included in domestic and foreign search publications or databases. No part of the Article may be reproduced in any form without the consent of the Editorial Board. The Author's remuneration will be paid in one lump sum.

    8. The Editorial Board agrees that the Author may continue to use the Article for the purpose of: ① applying for a patent; delivering academic reports and lectures; non-commercial academic exchanges; other activities permitted and authorized by the Editorial Board.

    9. The author authorizes the Editorial Board to make partial editorial revision of the Article.

    10. In case the Author violates any of the above commitments, the Editorial Board has the right to withdraw the published Article, criticize the Article and the author/s concerned in the field of education and scientific research as well as in peer journals, and request competent authorities to impose serious administrative penalties on the main authors in order to justify the scientific regulation and publication ethics.

    11. This Commitment is made in duplicate, the Author keeping one and the Editorial Board keeping the other one for future reference.

    12. This Commitment shall take effect from the date of signature by the Author.

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